Independent Personal Trainers

We are always recruiting independent personal trainers.

At PumpHouse you can build your own personal training business and stop paying the big box gyms tons of money for your hard work.

For a small monthly rental fee you will have full access to our facility to train clients and grow your business.

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Personal Trainers


It Aint Over Yet Fitness - Steve Spilak


My name is Steve Spilak. I am a certified Personal Trainer and certified Boot Camp Instructor through
Can-fit-Pro and have an updated CPR. I have 7 years of experience in Personal Training along with 6 years of ongoing Boot camps. I take great dedication, discipline and passion for training by leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.
I train my clients here at Pump House, where as my self have been a member for over 12 years.
My experiences have allowed me to gain knowledge of diverse styles of training and work out programs and along with life time of sports. The satisfaction and achievements I have experience over those years such as making 2 Ontario bench press records while I competed in Power lifting for 4 years. This also has allowed me to become extremely passionate about helping others strive to make their goals. I am very confident that with a little support and coaching, anyone can realize their potential! You can make this thought of yours a reality.

I am very confident that with a little support and coaching, anyone can realize their potential! ...... Lets make this thought of yours a reality

 I provide ....
- Pre-exercise Screening / Assessment ( FREE ) - Strength training
- For any fitness level - Sport specific training / Agility
- Program Adjustments / Custom Program - Cross training
- Cardiorespiratory Training - Circuit training
- Weight loss - Power lifting


 Cell: 1-519-532-3424         


Selena Strong Fitness

 15 years of personal training, and I have never stopped learning and improving. This is a mentality that I try to pass on to every client I meet.  Fitness is Life. The journey is continuous and is often times an uphill battle.  To want to be fit, or to want to be healthy, is something that by its very nature serves as a challenge, a call to battle.  So, if you except this challenge and you want to be better…you want to be stronger.  I can’t wait to meet you. 

 Fascial Stretch Therapy | Bootcamp | Personal Training 

Phone: 519.831.8465 




Val Crick - Basic Lifts

Certified Personal Trainer

Make Muscles...Not Excuses

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Phone: 905-718-1666


Health Professionals

Selena Cornwall - Fascial Stretch Therapist

Fasical Stretch Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer 

Fascial stretch therapy deals with mobility and chronic pain issues. This treatment involves the therapist performing assisted stretching techniques with a client on a treatment table.  

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Phone: 519-831-8465