Group Fitness Classes

All Classes Are Included With Every Membership!


Circuit HIIT

a full body workout that uses body weight and/or weights using high intensity interval training in a circuit format.

Monday 10:00 am / Thursday 9:00 am

No Limits

be prepared to test your limits...because there are none! This class could be anything from a cardio class to weight training circuits to a full core workout. Each class is different. Show up and be surprised by what your instructor has planned each week. 

Monday 6:00 pm


a cardio based cycling class using stationary bikes and upbeat music. 

Monday 6:30 pm / Wednesday 6:00 pm

100 Class

This class takes you through 551 moves in just 30 minutes.

Wednesday 6:00 pm

ZUMBA / Dance Fitness

a cardio fitness class consisting of dance and aerobic exercise routines performed to popular upbeat music. 

Thursday 12:00 pm OR 7:30 pm  (Refer to Weekly Schedule) 

Flow Yoga

a yoga class that flows smoothly from one pose to another. 

Saturday 10:00 am

**Yoga class will not be running form From Nov 24 2018 - Jan 12 2019


become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks that transforms drumming into an incredible work out. 

Tuesday 12:00 pm OR 6:30 pm  (Refer to Weekly Schedule) 

Battle Ropes

a full body workout combining strength training and cardio, using sets of long weighted ropes. 

Tuesday 1:00 pm / Wednesday 7:45 pm

Group Fitness Schedule

Check here for our monthly group fitness class schedule 

December 2018 (pdf)